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Auto Repair & Maintenance in Newport News, Virginia

Brake Repair, Auto Repair Shop in Newport News, VA
Help make your car fully operational again with auto repair and maintenance from our shop in Newport News, Virginia. At Pay-Less Tire & Auto Repair, our goal is to ensure you have quality tires and brakes.


Let us handle your basic auto repairs, such as brake work, wheels and tires, wheel alignments, balancing, and tire rotating. We perform quality work on anything to do with tires, wheels, and related components. Give us a call to see if we can provide you with the auto repairs you want.

Brake Work

Are your brakes squeaking or not slowing your car down properly? Is your vehicle surging or shaking when you stop? You may need new brakes or brake service.

Appointments are not necessary, but we can schedule them for your convenience. We will discuss your vehicle problems and may take your car for a test drive so that we can see or hear what's going on.

After we identify the issue, we will start to work on your brakes. Service includes a check of your brake pads, anti-lock system, tires, rotors, and brake fluid.

Contact us in Newport News, Virginia, to request an estimate for our auto repair and maintenance.